ALTitude AZimuth ALIGNment


Available Version: 1.0.8
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ALT AZ ALIGN will help telescope users that have digital setting circles or go-to systems on Alt-Az mounts perform their initial 2 star alignment procedure.

How it works
The app works by calculating which stars are currently visible by using the time and location of the user. These stars are then narrowed down by discarding those that are outside the Horizon limit and too close to the Zenith (to prevent encoder errors occurring at Zenith). Each star in the list is compared to another and the (z) Zenith and (s) Separation angles are calculated for this 'Star Set'. The best 'Star Set' has a narrow (z) and a wide (s) value. The first listed 'Star Set' is the best but sometimes one that crosses the Celestial Equator will give a better prolonged alignment.


  • 5 Colours
    • Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Black on White.
  • Popular Controller Alignment Stars
    • ALL: 109 brightest stars.
    • CEL: Celestron alignment stars
    • MEA: Meade alignment stars
    • SKY: SkyCommander alignment stars
    • NAV: NavigationStars alignment stars
    • INT: IntelliScope alignment stars
    • NEX: Nexus alignment stars
    • ARG: ArgoNavis alignment stars
  • Compass
  • Display Information
    • Grid: Show the Grid.
    • Stars: Show Extra stars (visual only).
    • Star Set Constellations: Show the Constellations of the selected 'Star Set'.
    • Constellation Lines: Show Constellations.
    • Constellation Labels: Show Labels.
    • Celestial Equator: Show the Celestial Equator.
    • Solar System: Show Solar System objects.
  • Location Settings
    • PICK Location: Select from a pre-defined list of locations from around the world.
    • GPS Location: If available, the GPS can be used to get the current location.
    • SET Latitude/Longitude: The user can input the current location in DMS format.
  • Adjustable Time Settings
  • Adjustable Quadrant Settings